3 Card Poker Gold Multi-Hand

Three Card Poker Gold Multi Hand is a new word in video poker games. You may forget about everything you have read about video poker games, as with this particular game everything will be changed.

Story of One Gambler

When I play poker online I like to play different game formats just to experiment and see what I can find. I came across a fantastic poker variation recently and it has excited online players around the world.It is called Three Card Poker Gold Multi Hand and as the name suggests it allows you to play multiple hands against the dealers.

This is a great game that has been designed from the ground up to provide a superb playing experience. The graphics are state of the art with excellent sound effects.

Game Peculiarities

In Three Card Poker Gold Multi Hand you may play with several hands consisting of 3 cards. Now it is not look like a common 5 card draw, it has more options. And of course, playing this game at online casinos you get more possibility to make the game comfortable for you – you can switch sound and use autobets. Playing this game at demo mode you’ll understand the details, so just enjoy it!

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