Bonus Multi-Hand Blackjack

If you want to play a great game of blackjack where you get to play up to 5 hands against the dealer one hand and where you can win some awesome money playing an extra bet, then give Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack a chance.

This is a game of blackjack where you make some real choices that can have a serious impact on your result.

Game Peculiarities

Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack is played with traditional decks of 52 cards, number of which can be different, but usually 5 of decks are used. Each of the players gets a possibility to play game with up to 5 hands, though you can choose 2, 3 or 4. You can make different bets on each of the bets you make.

As this game has also bonus feature, you should keep that in mind, as the amount of your winning can increase greatly. For a nominal extra bet you get the opportunity to win up to 50-1 by drawing an Ace and Jack of Spades on your first two cards dealt.

Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack as well as other blackjack games has a special rule for dealers, which says that dealer always stands on all 17. Remember that when you decide what to do with the following dealer card.

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