Craps is one of the games which never lose their popularity. It has featured in casinos across the world for one reason only. It is simply the game that once played gets into your blood so much that it becomes YOUR game.

Game Peculiarities

It is a game of combination of skill, social interaction, pure entertainment and adrenaline. Two little dice have never produced so much pleasure anywhere else other than in a game of Craps. In order to play the game, you should throw these dices, but before you should make a bet. Craps as any other casino game has its own system of bets. The system of craps bets include the following types: Line Bets, Single Roll Bets, Multi Roll Bets. Each of the type has its own subdivision of wagers.

Craps Online

Though the game running of craps is extremely easy, the system of bets and rolls is very complicated. It may even be said that it is the most complicated system in all gambling games. But if you play online, it is very easy as everything is written and explained for you!

If you have never played then give it a try now. The game will capture your heart and give you a lifetime of gaming pleasure that far exceeds any expectations you may have had.

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