Vegas Downtown Multi Hand Blackjack

When you choose blackjack variant, you look for purely a fun game or one that gives you the biggest advantage against the house. The more options game offers, the more you like it. That is why more and more gamblers start to play blackjack variations, as they offer a lot more than a regular game.

Game Peculiarities

If you really want to find blackjack variation which will be interesting and offer you high pay outs, you need to give Vegas Downtown Multi Hand Blackjack a try today.

This blackjack game gives you a fair chance to win as it features not only the standard rules of gameplay, which although may be a little bit different in different casinos, but you are allowed to play with several hands during one game. It is a perfect way to save your time, and in some cases even money. All you need to do is to place up to 5 bets and get your hands.

How great is that? Doubles and splits are allowed, as you would expect, but splits are limited to three per hand. And when you play with 5 hands you can make 15 splits!

Play Vegas Downtown Multi Hand Blackjack now and see for yourself its advantages.

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