Lots a Loot 5 Reel

Lots a Loot 5 reel Progressive slot game gives you 25 lines of pure winning potential as well as a huge pot if you become the winner of the Progressive Jackpot. The first game was released with 3 reels, and now you can enjoy playing it with 5! Everything gets better with time.

The potential amount of progressive jackpot will always be displayed and you will know before what you a likely to win. Ten cents is all it takes for you to start playing this lovely game.

Wild symbol brings you closer to hitting of a huge jackpot, as it will substitute any other symbols and helps to create combination to hit a win. If you are lucky enough that will help you to become a winner of huge pot.

The Lots a Loot is the icon necessary to win the Progressive Jackpot and it doubles up as the wild icon. The four leafed clover is also visible and may it prove lucky for you as you play this game. 25 paylines will help you to grab more coins for your gambling.

Important Details

  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of paylines – 25
  • Coin jackpot – 10,000 + Progressive Jackpot
  • Wild symbol– Lotsaloot

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