If have loved the three hundred, Brave heart and Gladiator films then you want to try out the video slot game, the “Gladiators” depicting the story of Rome warriors during the Ceasar’s time. The idea of the video slot machine games guides you back to the Roman conglomerate where folks were amused in spheres where Gladiators agitated versus warriors, animals and crooks.

The jackpot sum you may hit in the game is really impressive, you can get up to 50,000 coins, which are equal to $1,250,000! This sum will definitely change your life!

Playing this game you will meet Wild and Scatter symbols, which not only help to create you a winning combination, but also will help you to play bonus game! Gladiators’ masks and Coliseum icons are going to give you more possibilities with free spins. The more you play – the more you get, with Gladiator slot machines everything is quite simple.

Feel the atmosphere of ancient Rome with this slot machine, and winning it, make a trip to this city to see a Coliseum by your own eyes!

Important Details

  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of paylines – 25
  • Coin jackpot – 50,000
  • Wild symbol – Princess
  • Scatter symbol – Gladiator in Mask

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