European Roulette Gold Series

European Roulette Gold series is built like the original roulette with the class and sophistication that Microgaming software is known for. The game rules remain the same, but some extra-game details are added. If you are roulette fan, you should play the game with no doubts.

Game Peculiarities

The main aim is to correctly guess in which pocket the ball will come to rest in, and place your bet accordingly. In this roulette variant you are allowed to make call bets and neighbor bets. But first make a bet on one or several numbers out of 1-36 and be paid out. 0 is the house pocket and is green in color, so you cannot place bet there.

If you are a professional roulette player and want to add some complications to the game, just choose Expert mode. Now you do not have time to think a lot about further bet, as the time is limited. You can place a maximum bet of 970 coins!


Even playing game with Expert mode you may choose the autoplay option. That is the best option for players who want to win, or who just like to observe the process of the game, but not to place bets. If you are one of such players, you’ll find European Roulette Gold series very interesting to play.

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