Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack Gold

Currently, Multi-hand Bonus Blackjack Gold is one of the most popular online gambling games. Except for interesting game running, the game also offers some of the special features which make this game one of the most played blackjack variations.

This game is an outstanding choice if you don’t feel like playing a regular game of blackjack but want to play a similar game with more action.

Game Peculiarities

You should remember that though the game is based on the basic rules of the regular game but there are different rules and conditions. This game is played with only two decks each of 52 cards. Players can bet on up to five hands in one game and there is an extra side bet available to be eligible for the bonus payout.

This bonus is given for first two cards which are dealt. Some of card combinations allow you to get a lucrative bonus. For example, if your first two cards are Ace and Jack, both spades in suit, you get 50:1, but if you get the same combination of other suit the payout is 25:1. If you have Ace of one suit and Jack of another the game pays 5:2.

The player needs a better hand value than the dealer’s to win and that hand should be close to twenty-one.

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