Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars online game is for those of us that think being birthed in a certain calendar month effectuates your character, whenever you study your horoscope and fascinated in the circumstance of believing the time at when you were born impacts your living in a definite manner.

The online game is themed on star divination and a few of the icons employed in this online game are the air, water, earth and fire. You will find all types of symbol at this slot machine. Wild symbols help to create winning combination, and scatters help you to enjoy free spins. Making these spins you enjoy game even more as you not only do not spend your money, you get a triple multiplier or may play a bonus game – it’s up to you to choose.

Go ahead and checkout your star topology to determine whenever this is the online slot machine game to bet on and whenever the stars anticipate that you'll win boastfully.

You are able to acquire equal to ten thousand coins upon the maximum anting up icon of the Lucky Stars online casino game.

Important Details

  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of paylines – 20
  • Coin jackpot – 10,000
  • Wild symbol– Crystal ball
  • Scatter symbol – Zodiac Wheel

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