Multi Hand European Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Both new players and real professionals will find Multi-hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack a superb and rewarding game to play. Basic rules of the game remain to be the same, but some attractive bonuses are added.

Game Peculiarities

This game can be very lucrative to play as well as very entertaining. There are additional side bet options that players can take advantage and get more payouts than in traditional game. The bonus is paid for combination of cards which you get during the first dealing. These combinations are called Perfect Hands and they are of the following types: pairs of cards similar in value, in colors, in suits, pairs similar in all of these features. The payouts are different for each of combination.

As the game is multi hand you get a chance to play with several hands number of which does not exceed 5. Each of the hands requires its own bet, and each of the hands gets its own winning. This multiple choice is always good foe players who want to win more but play less.

Playing Multi-hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack remember to count values of your hands not to bust, as this situation is quiet possible when you lose attention.

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