Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Are you new to online casinos? Do you want to learn how to play blackjack but do not what to play complicated game? Do you want a fair game with all the standard drawing rules to sharpen your skills with easy-to-understand layout? If so, Vegas Downtown Blackjack is the game that you want to play.

Game Peculiarities

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is a very stable game that has a very clear screen display with realistic graphics and sound effects. Only two decks of cards are used, and you are allowed to play with one hand only. Like in other blackjack variants, each of the players is dealt with 2 face up cards, while dealer’s hand consist of one face-down and one face up card.

Player should decide whether he hits or stands, or chooses to split or double his hand. Surrender is not available in this game. Like in a regular blackjack, the rules on dealer’s moves when he has 17 vary, so you need to check this information at the particular blackjack table.

This blackjack variation is one of those which almost do not have differences with traditional game. See for yourself the fun you will get from playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack.

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