High Limit Baccarat

If you are looking for a perfect game of chance, that is both interesting and rewarding and offers high odds, then you should play High Limit Baccarat.

Game Peculiarities

There are fifty-two cards in each of the eight decks used for game play and players can play up to five hands in one game. Each of these hands is played against the dealer’s and there are five types of bets that can be played: Player, Dealer, Tie, Banker and Tie, Player and Tie. The two last bets are different from those which are met at traditional baccarat variant.

As most of the times when playing a game of chance the outcome of your payout depends on the bet you have made and if there is going to be a payout or not.

The prediction in this game is based on whose hand is closer to nine as well as a possible tie.


The cards are values according to the same principles used in traditional baccarat variation: King, Queen, Jack, 10 – 0 points; Ace – 1 point, 9 – 9 points, 8 – 8 points, 7 – 7 points, 6 – 6 points, 5 – 5 points, 4 – 4 points, 3 – 3 points, 2 – 2 points. If player has result to than 9, he should put 2 figures of the value and get one-figure number.

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