Supajax Poker

Poker enthusiast will find that SupaJax is an exciting gambling game that is based on the same rules of a regular poker game with some exceptions, which includes a progressive jackpot. Of course, this particular exception makes the game even more interesting to play, and more desired to win.

Game Details

Although there is different coin sizes in the game you should bet the max at all times as you can win a progressive jackpot. To win this pot you will need a hand comprised of four Jacks and the SupaJax card.

A single deck of cards is used for game-play; this deck is comprised of fifty-three cards. The added card is the SupaJax card and can be used for finalizing the progressive jackpot win and it is not a wild card.

The game starts with players is dealt with 5 cards. As in a common poker game you should decide on the following actions then – whether to hold or to discard. You need to have the best card combination to win the game. All the hands are the same as in traditional poker, except for jackpot brining hand. The better hand you get, the higher your winning will be.

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