French Roulette

French Roulette is played with the same rules as the American version you are used to. The major difference is in the wheel. In fact, wheels of the European and French roulette games are the same.

Peculiarities and Details

The French wheel has a single zero only which means there is a total of 37 numbers only. Amount of the winning money is absolutely dependent on the bet you have made. French roulette, as well as all other roulette variants, has a great systems of bets. You can choose outside or inside bets, which have different odds to win.

Except for these common bets, the game also offers Call (Announce) bets. With their help you can easily increase your winning! This type of bets includes: Voisins du zero, Jeu zero, Le tiers du cylinder, Orphelins bets.

Online Game

Game play is very well designed with stunning visual displays coupled with extremely accurate live casino background sound effects. Help is always available and the game layout can be customized to suit your personal preferences.

It is easy to start gambling, just download software and start playing now! Play a game of French Roulette today and find out why it is such a well-loved game.

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