Keno is a board game that has been around the casino world for as long as you can remember. It allows to place the bets based mostly on feelings of intuition as opposed to strategy. When you win you get the same sense of intense satisfaction because you were proved right in your predictions.

Game Peculiarities

Keno is one of the popular lottery games. The game play is ensured due to the bubble (a construction made of glass) with 80 numbered balls inside. When the game begins all balls start to move due to the flows of air. Several balls drop into a special tube, called rabbit ears, as it has the form of V letter. These are the winning numbers.

How much can you win? Well that depends on the value of the current board and how many numbers you get right. It is estimated that the house edge may vary from 4 to 30 %. If you are a person, who prefers luck-bases such as craps and roulette, you will like craps!

Try a game of online Keno now! You will see some differences with traditional game, but all basic principles and excitement remain the same. And winnings are still huge!

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