American Roulette

Go online and experience the thrill of playing American Roulette and feel the exhilaration of predicting the correct winning numbers! American roulette is another game where you can try out your luck, and once you hit a win, you hit great money!

Game Peculiarities

This type of roulette is considered to be the most complicated one. The roulette wheel consists of 0 and 00 slots colored in green that are the house advantage and numbers 1 to 36 alternating red and black which are the numbers you can bet on. If you do not understand why this makes American roulette more complicated than other games, compare the odds which are 2.6 for European roulette and 5.2 for American game. As you see, it is more difficult to win playing American roulette.

Playing the Game

Decide how much you want to bet and let the wheel begin to spin. You cannot influence the spinning of the wheel, and you just should wait the results. It is always better to place a bet on several numbers, especially when you play American roulette, as the chances to hit the exact number are very low. Choosing even bet, such as red/black or odd/even, you increase your chances to win greatly, so the payouts will be lower.

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