Triple 7S Blackjack

The interesting and lucrative Triple Sevens Blackjack game is alluring and interesting as it offers players the option to win a progressive jackpot as well as fun and excitement. All the blackjack lovers will appreciate this additional game offer, as it makes their gambling even more profitable.

Game Details

To win these massive prize player needs to place a compulsory side bet and receive three sevens of diamonds one after the other from the first three cards dealt. It may seem almost impossible, but as this game is as much a game of chance as it is of skill, it can happen at any time.

Five standard decks of cards are used for game-play, which is smooth and action packed and can also be lucrative. The rules of game running are totally the same as with regular blackjack game, and if you know how to play it, it will be extremely easy for you to play Triple 7s blackjack.

You and dealer are dealt with 2 cards, all face up, except from one dealer’s card. You need to decide whether to hit or stand (to take or not the card), and your aim is to have better hand than dealer has. As you do not know the total value of dealer’s hand, it can be a rather complicated decision, and sometimes you can even hit more than 21 point and in this way to lose the game automatically.

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