Poker Ride

Do you feel like playing a charming game where you will need some skill and a good shot of luck? Then treat yourself to Poker Ride. This game is perfect for all poker lover, and those who dream about hitting a pot. If you are ready to tough game with many rules and details to learn – choose Let It Ride Poker.

Game Details

This delightful video poker game is played online and one deck of cards is used for playing. Stake your wager on the regular game as well as the compulsory bet on the progressive jackpot. You will receive three cards and can either call or raise your bet. At the same time, dealer gets only 2 cards. Acting cleverly you may win the game and get not only a game win, but also the highest prize – a Progressive jackpot.

The aim of the game is to have as strong hand as possible, and the better hand you have, the better chances to hit a Progressive jackpot. If you have Royal Flush, the pot is yours.

Probably the only drawback of this game is that it involves both skill and luck to be won, so even with the perfect knowledge of poker you may lose the game if you have bad luck with your hand.

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