Spanish Blackjack

Spanish blackjack, also known as Pontoon in Australia and Malaysia, is a thrilling version of blackjack which now is played even at the tournaments. If you ask someone to name 3 of the most popular blackjack variants, Spanish 21 will surely be among them.

Game Peculiarities

Following the standard rules of blackjack, this games boasts significant rule changes that work in the players favor. Bonus prizes are awarded for certain hands, and you can always win more than you have ever dreamt.

Spanish blackjack pays 3:2. The game is played using eight decks of 48 playing cards (all 10s are not used), and due to this peculiarity it has gained this name, as in Spanish decks you will not find 10s. Playing Spanish 21 you get a lot of options concerning your hands, for example, you can split hands of 4 cards, besides, the number of spitting and doubling is unlimited. You can also make use of surrender and insurance.

There is one more detail which makes your chances to win very high: if dealer has Ace, K, Q, J, he checks his face down card. The other rules are similar to regular blackjack. Start playing today and win massive rewards.

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