Multi Hand Big 5 Blackjack Gold

This incredible version of the traditional game of blackjack is played from 5 complete decks of playing cards. Multi Hand Big 5 Blackjack Gold is a perfect game for all blackjack players who want to bring something new to their gambling, but do not want to play other games.

Game Peculiarities

The game demands skill, strategy and concentration as each player has the option to play up to 5 separate hands per game. Take note though, each hand requires an individual bet. In this way you can get up to 5 winnings per one game if you have all hands which have better value than dealer has.

For an added advantage, players can split, double down, surrender and even make insurance bet when the dealer’s up card is Ace. If you get a hand that totals more than the dealers, you win, this rule is applied in all the blackjack variations, and Multi Hand Big 5 Blackjack Gold is not an exception.

You can also win if the dealer goes bust (the situation when the hand has a value higher than 21 points). Remember than you should always avoid busting as this is a lose. Come join this great game and see how much you can win!

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