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Winning is the best reward in any casino game. Winnings can be of different types: money prizes, free game bonuses, bet winnings, and of course pots. In different games the system of rewards is also different, for example, playing slots you can always get not only jackpot winning, but also get some attractive free bonuses, and money prizes for good combination of symbols. In roulette game you can win only your bet, unless you play so called Royal Roulette which presupposes progressive jackpot. The same concerns blackjack. In poker you can win a total pot which is made out by the bets of all players at the tables.

Jackpots – Types and Sizes

For most part of the casino gamblers the most attractive winning is jackpot, as its size is usually rather big, especially comparing to the winnings which you can get playing other games. The size of the jackpot may vary with each bet made by player, and in this case this pot will be called progressive. In some games it may be as high as several millions of dollars.

The Most Paying Games

If you want to hit a jackpot you need to know which game to play. Forget about roulette, blackjack and craps, at least about their regular variations which presuppose winnings on the basis of the bets made, and pay your attention to such games as slots, keno and scratchies.

According to the statistics, the highest ever jackpots were hit with progressive slot machines. The matter is that progressive pot rises with each bet made by player at the particular machines, group of machines of the same type at one casino, or group of machines of the same type at several casinos. Slots are known as the most played games, that is why jackpot of these games rises quickly and reaches huge money amounts.

One of the most paid slot machine games is Mega Moolah. Casino gamblers call it The Millionaire Maker, and they are absolutely right, as each of the jackpots offered (and what is more important, won) rises several millions. Even now you will find this game offering this huge sum.

Chances to Hit a Pot

Of course, not all the players win jackpots, there are lots of gambler who will never hit them. Still, they have a chance to make a good money placing wise bets and following money management strategies.

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